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Le Reno Amps -‘Appetite’ (Armellodie)

Le Reno Amps seem to be diversifying their sonic palette on this, their third album. It is a very impressive and rewarding listen which shows a band who genuinley do avoid pigeonholing, and who know their way around the musical world.

‘Never Be Alone’,which starting circulating last year around Hallowe’en, is a wonderfully creepy song, making you wonder exactly what horror films the band had been watching. Some songs ‘Bad Blood’ and ‘Saturation Day’ are more in the category of indie bopper, but rather than being run of the mill, instead lead you to consider the effects of a cross polination between Weezer and They Might be Giants in Scotland with a filter to remove any excessive quirkiness. Yet ‘Cottonmouth Rock’ takes us back in time, and makes us wonder what might have happened if Robert Plant had not gone on to front Led Zeppelin, but had instead fronted a kick-ass glam rock band. ‘Weight’ is in 3/4 time (i.e. waltz time. Yes, like ‘Golden Brown’ by The Stranglers). And it all sits together wonderfully.

There’s a number of great songs on here -and the album revels more and more with each successive listen, and adds up to a very impressive whole. Le Reno Amps have claimed they are a ‘Marmite’ kind of band – you either love ’em, or hate ’em. Well i love Marmite and I’m loving this.

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Appetite is released on Armellodie on April 18.

Cottonmouth Rock by Le Reno Amps by Armellodie

Bad Blood by Le Reno Amps by Armellodie

Never Be Alone by Le Reno Amps by Armellodie

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