Album Review – Damon and Naomi


Damon & Naomi -‘False Beats and True Hearts’ (Broken Horse)

It is now nearly twenty five years since Damon and Naomi first emerged. Initially as two-thirds of the seminal Galaxie 500, and then afetr three albums, as an act in their own right (starting their career with the gorgeous More Sad Hits album), Damon and Naomi have been responsible for some of the most sublime music released in that period.

Whether you are a new fan, or have followed them since the day you first heard ‘Tugboat’, their recordings are still sublime, and – I’m going to say it – life-affirming. This is folkier than some of their previous albums – ‘Shadow Boxing’ has hints of both Richard & Linda Thompson and Fairport Convention – and none the worse for it, either.

Other highlights on the album include ‘Nettles and Ivy’ and the little short of astonishing ‘And You Are There.’ I’ve already played this twice today, I want to play this album at least twice again before sundown. It’s that good…


Damon and Naomi -‘Walking Backwards.’ mp3

Hear ‘And You Are There’ here

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