The return of Morrissey (well, a slight return…)


Morrissey is reportedly ready to issue his tenth solo album, just as soon as he can find a record company to do it (he has said his talents do not lie in DiY). He does seem to have got through a LOT of Record companies in his now almost thirty year long career (Rough Trade, HMV, RCA, Island, Sanctuary…). I’m sure someone will!

On Tuesday night he did a session for Janice Long on Radio 2, and these three tracks that he did can be streamed below ‘Action Is My Middle Name,’ ‘ The Kid’s A Looker’ and ‘People Are The Same Everywhere.’

See what you think…

Morrissey – Action Is My Middle Name (BBC Session) by TheNJUnderground

Morrissey – The Kid’s a Looker (BBC Session) by TheNJUnderground

Morrissey – People Are The Same Everywhere (BBC Session) by TheNJUnderground

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