The Fresh Air show


A few people asked to hear my show from Fresh Air the other night, so here you go!

1. Fiction Faction ‘Apparitions.’
2. Spook School ‘History.’
3. Shonen Knife ‘Perfect Freedom.’
4. Sargasso Trio ‘Dinner.’
5. Chris Bradley ‘Waltzing.’
6. Gone but not forgotten: Uncle John & Whitelock ‘The Train.’
7. Chris Devotion and the Expectations ‘I Need Your Touch.’
8. Cover version of the week: This Mortal Coil ‘Song To The Siren.’
9. Wake The President ‘Stockholm’s Archipelago.’
10.Letters ‘Grand National.’
11. Cover version of the week
12. Astrid Williamson ‘Pour.’
13. from the Album of the Month Butcher Boy ‘Helping Hands: Butcher Boy ‘Imperial.’
14. Howler ‘This One’s Different.’

Some twat has removed this for violation of copywright. Given the bands this was giving exposure for, you are a selfish git.

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