EP review – Vladimir


Vladimir – Vladimir The EP.’ (Self-released)

As was pointed out in another online review of Dundee’s Vladimir a few months ago, the band formally known as Vladimir and the Mods inhabit a very dark place indeed.

How dark? Well, the final track on this five track EP entitled, um, ‘Untitled’ samples a speech from none other than Charles Manson. Mrs. 17 Seconds’ sister has described this track as creepy. Certainly, their music may be described in a way that could be creepy and is beyond being like that of a band like the Cramps who seem a little Schlock by comparison. But let’s face it, with a name like Vladimir, you shouldn’t have been expecting Kylie.

But getting any sensationalism out of the way, the band sound awesome, and if you enjoy the darkness of a band like Sunn O))) or -closer to home – the sonic assault of The Wildhouse (from whom there will be more before the end of the year) then Vladimir are for you.

When you’re in the darkness it can take a while for your eyes to become accustomed to the gloom. So it may be for your ears. But when you become accustomed – oh boy!


Vladimir -‘I Fight Fire.’ mp3

Stream the EP and buy it from here from Monday 22 August.

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