Album Review – Isaac’s Aircraft


Isaac’s Aircraft -‘Two’s A Crowd.’ (Crash)

Straight outta, erm, Cambridge, Isaac’s Aircraft have produced a fully acoustic album. This is because, it transpires, that they couldn’t raise the £20K they needed to record an electric album. Adversity can prove beneficial in the long run – Peter Hook’s bass style dveloped because it was the only way he could hear himself on the bass he had.

So it’s possible that only time will tell whether this informs Isaac’s Aircraft’s style for the future. The bands that they most remind me of are Keane and The Feeling, around the time of their respective debut albums. There are some strong tracks here ‘She Is Moscow’ and the forthcoming single ‘Mathematics.’ ‘Good Man,’ on the other hand, sounds like the sort of thing you have heard performed in a million pubs performed live by earnest singer-songwriters who are going nowhere.

Very much the ‘nice’ singer-songwriter, piano-driven end of indie (where it almost isn’t, anymore), there’s some nice enough songs here. As with the aforementioned Feeling and Keane, there is a sense that the honesty and radio-friendly nature of the music may just prove too much for some…


Two’s A Crowd is out now on Crash

Stream tracks here

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