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Wilco -‘The Whole Love’ (dBpm)

Wilco’s 8th album -released via their own dBpm label – demonstrates just why they are such a highly regarded band. Because whilst debates will doubtless rage about whether this is their best record or not, there are many facets to this albu n that show many sides of Wilco and why I’ve found this such any easy album to fall in love with.

It’s worth the money alone for the opening track ‘Art Of Almost.’ Over the course of seven minutes we have the song and the experimentation, and the guitar workout. And it’s blooming fantastic. But there’s a whole lot more that’s deserving of your attention, like the single ‘I Might’ which seems to bring both the Jam and The Doors and the gorgeous ‘Black Moon.’

For a band once considered a fine Alt. Country band, Wilco have continued to evolve, experiment and excite, so that they have gone beyond this mere definition. Friends, Romans, Countrypersons- lend your ears to this. A wonderful mixture of leftfield and great songwriting.

The Whole Love is released on dBpm on September 26.

You can also stream the entire album here

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