The continued rise of Hiatus


Earlier this year, I was blown away by Hiatus’ track ‘Insurrection’ featuring the unmistakeable vocals of legendary Linton Kwesi Johnson and its’ accompanying video.

Now, Hiatus is set to follow up that song with a collaboration with a singer called Shura (real name Aleksandra Denton) on an awesome song called ‘Fortune’s Fool.’

The video again shows just how, well, cinematic, the whole of Hiatus’ work is, both visually and on record.

The b-side to the collaboration is called ‘River’ and the video for that can be seen here:

Finally, they have made this track available as a free download:

FREE DOWNLOAD: Hiatus and Shura – First by Hiatus

…and if you haven’t read it already, here is my interview with Hiatus from earlier this year

‘Fortune’s Fool’ is released on October 10.

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