Two albums from Kate Bush in one year? Yes!


So, you wait years for a Kate Bush album, and then two arrive in the space of a year? It’s like 1978 all over again!*

November 21 will see a new Kate Bush album, entitled 50 Words For Snow. Her first studio album since 2005’s Aerial (The Director’s Cut released this year was comprised of previously released material yet in a radically altered way so it pretty much was a new album in it’s own right).

According to her website the album is 65 minutes long and seven songs ‘set against the backdrop of falling snow’:

Lake Tahoe
Wild Man
Snowed In At Wheeler Street
50 Words For Snow
Among Angels

In terms of special guests who appear on the album, Andy Fairweather Low appears on ‘Wild Man’, Elton John appears on ‘Snowed In At Wheeler Street,’ and Stephen Fry appears on the song ’50 Words For Snow.’

‘Wild Man’ has been released as a single – the version below is the radio edit; however the single also includes the full seven minute long version.

*Yes, because she released both The Kick Inside and Lionheart that year. QED…

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