The return of Spook School


A few months I wrote about a new Edinburgh band called Spook School, who had just self-released an excellent single entitled ‘History’/’Hallam’ after only a handful of gigs. I did play this on my one -off show on Fresh Air back in August, too.

The band have continued to hone their very fine blend of c-86 indie pop and unique take on twee-pop and have just released another fine single ‘Are You Who You Think You Are’/’Devil Of Mine. It’s just as good…and shows Spook School as a band to be taking very seriously indeed…

They play Edinburgh’s Wee Red Bar on December 3, followed by Glasgow Popfest (December 8) and Inverness Hootenanny (December 10). What are you waiting for?

…and if you still haven’t heard that debut single (tut tut) here you go:

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