Azealia Banks – really the coolest person in 2011?


This week, the NME has published its’ annual cool list. Now, I’ve no issue with the inclusion with the likes of PJ Harvey, Dave Grohl and Jarvis Cocker, though I’m puzzled at the high ranking of Hurts’ Theo Hutchcraft (wake up, hipsters! They sound like a Shit Go West), and both Gallagher brothers.

But the no.1 on the list is not the frontperson of some indie-by-numbers band, beloved by the Hoxton mafia. Instead, it’s one Azealia Banks, a mere twenty years old, and resident of New York. She was trying to break into acting. Her cover of Interpol’s ‘Slow Hands’ has been doing the rounds for a while (it’s quite impressive) and ‘212’ is an impressive track (big in the clubs, apparently, which you can’t even buy yet).

That Interpol cover:

Slow Hands by Azealia Banks

I love the cover and think ‘212’ is pretty cool (although it’s pretty blue). She’s working with Paul Epworth who made Florence a massive star – but will she build on this (considerable) promise or be well away from the music scene this time next year?

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