Christmas Posts 2011 #1


Well, it’s the first Sunday in Advent, so it’s time to start the annual Christmas-themed posts here on 17 Seconds.

It’s traditional – in that I’ve done it several times now – to start with Housewives On Prozac‘s ‘I broke My Arm Christmas Shopping At the Mall.’ I can’t claim to know much about this band at all, they barely seem to have any myspace friends and there is nothing on Spotify.

But this tune is ace. I’m looking forward to Christmas this year -having been through a complete Grinch-like approach to it in my twenties, getting married and then becoming a Dad earlier this year has bought out my sentimental side once more. So Low’s Christmas album is playing as I write this, and I’m even looking forward to putting up the tree and decorations in a way I haven’t for years.

Housewives On Prozac -‘I Broke My Arm Christmas Shoppping At the Mall.’ mp3

Link taken down – it’s now after Christmas!

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