Album Review – Clean George IV


Clean George IV -‘God Save The Clean’ (Tenement Records)

…and you thought the Rob St. John album had been a bit of a while coming?

I remember being blown away by the Clean George IV single ‘First Blast Of The Trumpet Against The Monstrous Regiment Of Women’ and its’ attendant b-side ‘The Great Highland Crack Epidemic way back in 2007. Both tracks are included here in newly recorded form, on an album that features contributions from Aberfeldy’s Riley Briggs amongst others. George McFall has spent a long time getting this album together, but it’s a joy to these ears.

And if you expect it to sound like Aberfeldy…you are so far off the mark it’s not true. Instead this is an infectious mixture of glam ‘n’ sleaze, featuring liberal dollops of punk attitude and krautrock experimentalism. Riley Briggs’ love of Devo comes through here, and there’s a wry sense of humour, too. Not only does ‘First Blast…’ namecheck an infamous John Knox pamphlet, but you have to admire an anti-cocaine song that’s called ‘Real Men Take Speed’. Not to mention not only recording the credits as a track (which Aberfeldy did on their last studio album, Somewhere To Jump From) but sticking it in the middle of the album.

It’s an album to be played seriously bloody loud and danced around n a way that will horrify some and delight others. Repeatedly. The best things come to those who wait. Oh yes indeed…


God Save The Clean is out now on download and limitred edition vinyl in January 2012.

Clean George IV ‘Real Men Take Speed’ by createspark

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