London band Straylings having been winning fans, not just of DJs like Huw Stephens and Steve Lamacq but also legendary US producer Kramer, who’s worked with the likes of Low, Galaxie 500 and 17 Seconds favourites Withered Hand.

The two piece band are Bahraini/Austrian songwriter Dana Zeera and London born guitarist Oliver Drake. The latter had previously played with the Veils (who were signed to Rough Trade in the mid 2000s, round about the same time as those other 17 Seconds faves Aberfeldy). According to the press release, he turned up at her door. Whether this was accident or design, it was certainly serendipitous, as ‘Wallpin’ shows. To say that they make beautiful music together would indeed be true, if only that phrase wasn’t so loaded. Let’s just say that as a partnership, they are writing and recording songs that you will want to listen to again and again. Beautiful, dark and dreamy. Stream or download by clicking on the link (and if it’s playing silly buggers, click on the bit that says ‘Wallpin.’)

Embed code: Wallpin by straylings

Rather fine, no? Their debut album Entertainment On Foreign Grounds is released on March 5th on Deadpan Records. You can stream a couple of the tracks below:

…and you can get another download when you ‘like’ them at their facebook page.

Not only that, but you can also download their 2009 EP for free, too:

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