Although new to this blogger, the work of Grimes is not new to the world of music.

The work of Claire Boucher, she moved from Vancouver to Montreal, becoming involved in the DiY scene there. She’s about to release her fourth album in less than two years, entitled Visions, and this will be coming out one one of my favourite labels ever, 4AD.

The lead track doing the rounds is the single ‘Genesis’ which sounds nothing like the prog-rockers fronted by Messrs. Gabriel, Collins and whoever it was that was also in Stiltskin, but instead, her music sounds like a mix of mid-80s Madonna, Kate Bush, TLC and the Aphex Twin (sorry, I cribbed this last bit out of the NME. But here’s the thing: it’s so true!)

Check out out for yourself, this track is getting a lot of play round at 17 Seconds Towers. She may be all over the blogosphere at the moment – but I’m willing to bet she’ll be all over the en of year lists when they roll round (yet again).

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