The return of Spiritualized…and how


Spiritualized will release their first new studio album for four years on April 16.

Entitled Sweet Heart Sweet Light, the artwork is at the top of the page. The first track to be released as a single from the album is entitled ‘Hey Jane’ which you can stream here. It’s a great track, which, as you will find out when you listen to it, is two tracks for the price of one.

The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Huh? (intro)
2. Hey Jane
3. Little Girl
4. Get what you deserve
5. Too late
6. Headin’ for the top now
7. Freedom
8. I am what I am
9. Mary
10. Life is a problem
11. So long you pretty thing

The ten minute vide for ‘Hey Jane’ is, er, eye-opening to say the least. NSFW is an understatement (Not Safe For Work. Do keep up). You may want to be careful showing it to anyone under eighteen, given its themes of violence, sex, death, and cross-dressing. If you are easily offended, or don’t like having your bourgeois sensibilities challenged (what are you doing here?), then do not watch.

If you are over eighteen and can make decisions for yourselves, then it’s up to you.

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