Atari Teenage Riot: perfect name and awesome new single


I remember my Mum telling me that there were certain things that made for the perfect headline grabbers. To the extent that she reckoned the all-time perfect headline would be something along the lines of ‘Teenage Sex-change Priest in Motorcycle Mercy Dash to Palace.’ I still think it sounds like the best song title for a Fall song.

Along those lines, I remember Smash Hits (of all magazines) saying that Atari Teenage Riot was perhaps the most perfect name for a band. Certainly, it gives you an idea of how long it has been since the ‘Digital Hardcore’ band formed , back in Berlin in 1992.

This track ‘The Collapse Of History’ combines the best of Chicks On Speed and The Prodigy and sounds like an anthem. If I was young enough, I’d dance to this in a club or drive around with it pumping out of my car. As it is, it’s taken hours to get the wee man to get to sleep tonight (serious respect to Mrs. 17 Seconds) so I will crank it up on the headphones.

Main ATR man Alec Empire has modestly described it as ‘An anthem for our generation.’ He may have a point.

The video was apparently filmed in a mental instituion in the Parisian Suburbs. This will hopefully unnerve Daily Mail readers.

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