Happy Easter

Whatever your beliefs or be they none, these gospel recordings are uplifting and worth hearing!

Edwin Hawkins singers -O Happy Day’

You’ll Never Walk Alone is one of those somg that is both a tear-jerker and uplifting. If this song does not move you in some way, then tere’s no hope for you. FACT.
Originally written for the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Carousel in 1945, it has been a hit single, a football chant and a reminiscence song, but I have yet to hear a version top this:

Aretha Franklin -‘You’ll Never Walk Alone.’

To describe this as Gospel would be wrong – but this excerpt of a Congolese Mass, sung in Latin, is brief but very effective, and became popularised after being featured in If… amongst other things.

Missa Luba -‘Sanctus’

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