New -well sorta, from New Order


Originally recorded for their third album, 1985’s Lowlife, New Order’s track ‘Elegia’ (recorded as an elegy to Ian Curtis, who committed suicide in 1980, whereupon the band became New Order -just in case you ddn’t know) is shortly to get a full release on vinyl.

‘Only’ five minutes in its edited form on Lowlife, American label Dope Jams are to issue the track on 12″ vinyl . You can stream the track below.

Thoughts? Part of me is glad that it is available as it might orginally have been intended on the format that most listeners would have picked it up on in 1985, though I wonder if it isn’t slightly better in its’ original version. In a way, it almost seems like ‘Your Silent Face part 2.’

..or is it simply that being more familiar with the Lowlife version I prefer it? Still reckon Lowlife is their best album after Technique.

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