Presenting…This Many Boyfriends


The debate about the greatest song title ever could go on and on (and the post-modern twit that says ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah’ by the Pogues deserves to be punched, though it is a great song), but today I think it might well be This Many Boyfriends, who opened their Getting A Life With EP with a song called ‘I Don’t Like You (Cos You Don’t Like The Pastels).’ This sounds like you might expect, and also fulfills one of the great rules: Your first single should sound like a manifesto.

According to their website they have been through more line-up changes than The Fall (no mean feat, and if it’s not true, it sounds cool), and they are (currently): Richard on lead vocals, Tom on bass guitar, Laura on drums and Dan on lead guitar.

They’re shortly to release their latest single ‘I Should Be A Communist’ for which they have made this rather cool video:

This is out on May 21, and was produced by Ryan Jarman from The Cribs (though you can stream it on Spotify and emusic already). This song was their last single.

Warning: they state that ‘if anyone calls them cutesy or twee they’ll knock their block off.’ Nirvana weren’t heavy metal. Siouxsie Sioux and Nick Cave were not goths. You have been told.

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