Album Review: Taffy


Taffy -‘Caramel Sunset’ (Club AC30)

According to some sources, Japanese act Taffy have a large debt to Britpop. Whilst I can certainly hear a bit of that in here, to these ears by far a bigger influence onthe Tokyo four-piece is a mixture of c-86, shoegazing -and even a bit of grunge.

Led by vocalist Iris, there might even be a slight nod to Osaka’s Shonen Knife as well, though less of a tendency to sing about food, on the evidence of this LP at least! Over the course of this record, there are no major deviations or explorations of the potential of the indie-pop genre. On the other hand, the album has no pretensions, but a whole heap of anthems to make you jump up and down for joy. And they are streets ahead of so much of the sonic stodge that seemingly passes for indie these days.

Recent single and album closer ‘So Close’ is probably the strongest track here, but there’s plenty on offer to interest casual listeners, too.


Caramel Sunset is out now on Club AC30.

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