The return of the Pet Shop Boys


I’m not sure quite where it happened – I might be willing to suggest around the era of Highway 61 Revisited/Pet Sounds -that Rock and Pop seemed to get separated. The end result was that ‘rock’ was perceived as intelligent and serious, while ‘pop’ was considered lightweight, disposable and fluffy.

I beg to differ. And exhibit A for the defence are The Pet Shop Boys. It’s now thirty years since they formed -and they are due to release their eleventh album, Elysium, in September.

For those of you wondering if that isn’t, in fact, a Fields Of The Nephilim album -well, almost, Elizium, was Carl McCoy and co’s third album, back in 1991. I think, on the basis of this track ‘Invisible’ it is clear that the PSBs have not gone goth, but are continuing to produce intelligent pop – in no derogatory way whatsoever. This video was made in Los Angeles artist/film-maker Brian Bress and the album was recorded there, too. Don’t just listen, watch!

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