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Meursault -‘Something For The Weakened.’ (Song, By Toad Records)

At this point in time, Meursault have proved themselves to be the biggest selling act on Song, By Toad Records. Following on from their fine, first two albums Pissing On Bonfires/Kissing With Tongues and All Creatures Will Make Merry, the band now deliver their third album. The reception for their second saw them playing big festivals and round Europe, and seemed to be an even bigger response than band or label dared hope for.

The promo email for this album from head Toad Matthew Young read: ” It’s rather different to previous Meursault stuff. Not so lo-fi, with lusher strings, and rather more of a thumping indie-rock (horrible term, I know) vibe where the big, loud tunes are concerned.” Now, I don’t know if that was meant to worry us Meursault fans that they might be about to go all stadium rock on us, or just explaining a progression in sound. Fortunately, it would appear I overreacted and they haven’t. Hoorah!

Granted songs like ‘Dull Spark’ and the single ‘Flittin’ may sound more polished than the earlier stuff. But that’s not to say that the rough edges which made the early stuff so exciting has been rubbed off. Because few bands do melancholy like Meursault, and tracks like ‘Hole’, standout track ‘Dearly Distracted’ and album opener ‘Thumb’ deliver it in spades. In the best possible way.

Yes, they recorded this in a poper studio, rather than on a portastudio in their own homes like with previous records. This has captured the evolution of the band. There’s perhaps less of the electronica feel than there might have been on Creatures, but the band seemed to have wisely decided to avoid making the same record twice.

Looking forward to hearing the next stage of their evolution, sometime about 2014…


Something For The Weakened is released by Song, By Toad Records on July 16.

The album launch takes place at The Queen’s Hall in Edinburgh on July 7. Gulp! Tomorrow..

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