Album Review: The Cast Of Cheers


The Cast Of Cheers -‘Family.’ (School Boy Error)

Nope, nothing to do with Ted Danson, Kelsey Grammer and a bar where everybody knows your name, but instead, a rather fine quartet from Ireland.

Next predictable question: no, nothing like U2.

They sound young, fresh and have produced a rather good debut album. There is more than a hint of Bloc Party at their finest about this band, who have suggestions of Celtic melodies buried just below the surface in the sound. What they have ably demonstrated here is that they understand both the idea of the 3 minute pop song and a hook. This is not an album the re-writes the rulebook, but it doesn’t set out to.

But in an era when so much stuff pertaining to be indie is boring guitar rock by numbers, it’s a relief to hear something sounding vibrant and enjoyable.

A band to keep more than just an eye on…

Family is out now on School Boy Error

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