Olympics fever with Saint Etienne


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week (which must be the equivalent of being in Plato’s cave) you will have realised that the Olympics are taking part at the moment. And rather fun they are too, even if you have no sporting ability whatsoever like me (and/or your football team have got the new season off to a bad start).

It’s the taking part that counts is a 26 track Olympic compilation, 26 bands, 26 exclusive themes, one for each of the 26 Olympic sports. Each time team GB wins a medal (and we’ve done, y’know, quite well so far) that sporting theme will be a FREE download for a day over at wiaiwya for a day. Artists involved include Saint Etienne, White Town, and Darren Hayman.

This is the latest one, from Saint Etienne:

Find out more here.

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