Over the last thirty or so years, Rough Trade have released a number of different sounding bands, but Houndmouth are the first time I can remember them having released a band who sound like, well, pure country. Sure their labelmates Alabama Shakes have a ‘Southern’ sound in their own way too, but on the evidence of their rather fine debut self-titled EP this is something else.

Straight out of Louisville, Kentucky, they are: Matt Myers (guitar and vocals), Katie Toupin (keyboard and vocals), Zak Appleby (bass and vocals) and Shane Cody (drums and vocals). Recorded at their own studio, they’ve created a pretty sharp debut that grows on repeated playing.

You can download the EP’s opening track ‘Penitentiary’ for free here:

Houndmouth -‘Penitentiary.’ mp3

Stream the EP over at For Folks Sake

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