Album Review: The Wooden Sky


The Wooden Sky -‘Every Child A Daughter, Every Moon A Sun.’ (Loose Music)

Over several years of writing reviews, the amount of hyperbole that arrives with many releases that spends ages building up to what ends up being a desperately sub-average release is really quite staggering. So, I got off to a good start with this album with a small sticker than simply announced ‘Beautiful, introspective folk from Toronto, Canada quintet.’

And in a sense, that’s exactly what you get. Now, I don’t know enough about music to say how this music might differ if it came from, say, Saskatoon, Montreal or Vancouver. But this is beautiful, heartfelt stuff that grows and grows with successive plays. No, it doesn’t blow your speakers or dazzle you with wordplay, but it does produce something rather lovely.

If it dips, about two thirds of the way in, well, that’s no more than plenty of albums do. But with tracks like ‘Take Me Out,’ ‘Angelina’ and ‘Child of The Valley’ you have a collection of songs that’s heartfelt and yet straightforward.

Just what it said on the tin, er, label…


Every Child A Daughter, Every Moon A Sun is out now on Loose Music.

Full album stream via this site

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