Presenting…The Zolas


Canadian duo The Zolas are Zach Gray (vocals, guitar) and Tom Dobrzanski (piano). Previously part of Canadian band Lotus Child, the Vancouver band are about to release their sophomore album Ancient Mars at the beginning of December.

Like a fair bit of stuff, this dropped into my inbox with about one million other submissions. I thought I’d give the video to the first single ‘Knot In My Heart’ a go. At first it was the quirky video that caught my attention, and then the realisation dawned just how awesome the tune was.

Call it post-modern pop, indie-rock…whatever you will, the single ‘Knot In My Heart’ had won me over by the end of the first play, and made me want to listen to the entire album. The single is out a week before that, and apparently picking up a lot of support. Before you call ‘Hype!’ give it a listen. I was surprsed, you may be, too.

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