Christmas Posts 2012 #8


New York’s legendary CBGB’s. I visited once, in 2004, not to attend a gig, but just to pay homage. It was a bit of a dive, in the best possible way, but it oozed rock’n’roll even more than Glasgow’s Barrowlands. It’s pointless fantasising, but there’s a part of me that would have loved to have lived in 1970s New York. Granted, it would doubtless have been a pretty scary place at times, but the thought of the arts scene there -and most importantly, to me -PUNK -would have been worth experiencing.

Anyway, today’s posting involves two acts who were part of the 1970s New York Ounk scene that centered around the legendary CBGBs – Blondie and Patti Smith – both doing their very own, different takes on ‘We Free Kings.’ And yes, it’s a song that’s associated with Epiphany, January 6, but let’s not split hairs and enjoy some music. These versions date from the last decade, and whilst Blondie’s is more of a knees-up, Smith’s is a poetic reading.


Blondie -‘We Free Kings.’ mp3

Patti Smith -‘We Free Kings.’ mp3

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