Christmas Posts 2012 #11


Abagail Grey is the name Inverness singer-songwriter Claire Campbell performs under.

Having released the Dark Stone EP earlier this year in the summer, she has just released the really rather lovely five track EP Snowflake Remember, which is really rather lovely…actually, scratch that, it’s absolutely beautiful.

As the press release explains here we find her ‘aligning double-edged moods, metaphors and images of cold and cosiness, brightness and dark, decline and renewal.’ It’s a bit obvious to compare her to Isobel Campbell’s solo work (or the work she did under the name The GEntle Waves) or Camera Obscura, but let’s just say, if you enjoy that, then you’ll love this.

There’s five tracks here -and every one of them is fantastic. Truly an EP rather than just a track bolstered by tracks you could have lived without.


Stream it at her soundcloud or on bandcamp below:


This was her Christmas release last year:

…and no, there’s nothing wrong, I’ve just got something in my eye, ‘scuse me a second…

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