Christmas Posts 2012 #14


I had never heard of Graph Rabbit until half an hour ago.

Yet again, I clicked on another unsolicited email in my inbox, ready to snap out of irritation about how I never manage to get on with anything because I’m too busy dealing with sodding emails.

And then, within about 10 seconds of this video starting, the snow was falling in the video, but actually, I was defrosting.

The Brooklyn duo Austin Donohue (guitar, vocals) and Shy Kedmi (analogue synths) released their debut album Snowblind (no, nothing to do with the Black Sabbath song) back in September. They seem to exist at a musical point where prog meets indie twee-and they’re damn good at it.

This track is very Christmassy and it’s called ‘Falling Snow.’ Please take the time to listen.

Bonus: ‘Only Fields.’

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