Miserable yet optimistic.

That’s how Flutes describe themselves. I came across the name beacuse they are on Vic Galloway’s tips for 2013. I heard the track ‘Auld Archie’ and was smitten. (Anyone who thinks these lists don’t matter – you’re wrong; I went and bought the album today because of this.)

I have not found out a great deal about the band – googling flutes produces either flute teachers or what look like links to groups who may or may not have paramilitary links going on about maintaining traditions. Hmm. They hail from Scotland originally but are now based in London, according to people I have talked to.

Looking at the album gatefield sleeve (yup, still buying vinyl in 2013!) Godfrey McFall is the singer and guitarist, with help from Robert Marshall (guitars), Andy Bruce (bass, piano) and Alex Walker (drums) amongst others…

Stream and download their debut single ‘Auld Archie’ from their self-titled album below:

This is the video for the track:

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