Presenting…Deptford Goth


With a name like that, it might surprise you to know that Deptford Goth is, in fact, a Goth from South-east London.

Just kidding, kids.* Although he hails from South London, Daniel Woolhouse’s music has been described as being similar to the XX and James Blake, but even without hearing his forthcoming debut album at this point in time, entitled Life After Defo, there’s so much more to him than sounding like a couple of hipster acts. But yes, this is the place where soul,R&B and electronica meet, producing a sound that has so much more humanity than the inevitable slew of guitar bands that will rain down on us shortly as every A&R is ordered to go and find the next Palma Violets.

It’s intensely beautiful and heartfelt stuff, and not a single acoustic guitar in sight, folks. The former teaching assistant even makes his own videos, two of which you can see below.


After Defo will be released on March 18, on Merok, the Pink Floyd-esque cover art can be seen above.

Stream more tracks below, these are both taken from his earlier EP Youth II.

* In a feature on him in The Guardian, they wrote ‘just don’t expect Bauhaus meets Burial.’

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