It’s the honesty of some emails that gets you, and makes you want to write about some bands (it worked in this case because the music’s rather good, too). ‘My band Glassbooks are fairly new to the Scottish music scene and would appreciate any exposure you could give us. We only ever seem to play to our friends because no-one else knows we exist, so if you could help bring our music to the public sphere, we’d be very grateful’ wrote guitarist Adam Carrington.

Adam hails from Paisley, but the Edinburgh-based band are from all over – David Escudero King (singer/rhythm guitar) is Spanish-Canadian; Darren Wilkie (drums) is Glaswegian, while bassist Stuart Fraser is from Aberdeen. Citing their influences as Radiohead, Bloc Party, Interpol, Nirvana ‘any guitar band with a sense of purpose and urgency’ there’s something brewing in their sound, most impressively for a band who have been together for barely a year.

They’ve just released their debut EP as a free download. It comprises two songs ‘Disarm The Television’ and ‘Glassbooks;’ for my money, ‘Glassbooks’ is the stronger of the two tracks but see what you think…

Meanwhile, you can get along to see them at dates in Glasgow and Edinburgh over the next month or so; check their bandcamp.

1 thought on “Presenting…Glassbooks

  1. when it appears we’re overloaded with hoods in the hood and whiny white kids, its good to know there is actually bands out there making good music with lyrical content over and above that which idolises materialistic gain or hackneyed shmaltz. keep it up guys

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