Presenting…Chaos Chaos


Ten years ago, sisters Asy and Chloe weren’t even teenagers – but as Smoosh, they were recording their debut album She Like Electric. Over the next few years they would get to tour with some of the hippest names out of leftfield, including the Go! Team, Sleater Kinney, Death Cab for Cutie and Bloc Party.

Last year, three albums down the line, the sisters decided to go for a change and formed Chaos Chaos. They put out a five track EP called S, (****) which features an opening track ‘Winner’ recorded with Bloc Party’s Matt Tong, and four others with producer Nathan Rosenberg.

Does it sound like a grown-up Smoosh? There’s more it than that. This is great music, synth pop with more of an edge than their older stuff.

Check it out and see what you think. The EP’s out in the UK next month, and there are promises of a debut album this autumn…

Hear their cover of Tegan & Sara’s ‘Closer.’

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