Presenting…Girl Called Johnny


First up, she isn’t called Johnny. And secondly, the reference is Rowland S. Howard, not The Waterboys.

Her name is Karen Anne, and under her moniker Girl called Johnny, she will shortly (April 1) release her debut single ‘Heaven Knows’ which is taken from her debut album, which should appear later in the year.

There’s no other music I can hear at the moment, but as a debut single, this does what one should – it sets out her stall, suggests what her manifesto is (classic-sounding pop) and leaves you wanting more.

Give it a listen -if I could go and buy it now, I would.

‘Heaven Knows’ is released on Bullitt Records on April 1.

…and as ever, please let me know what you think!

6 thoughts on “Presenting…Girl Called Johnny

  1. Watched Karen last night in Birmingham supporting Texas …awesome talent cant wait to hear more …forgot to pick up her cd in the melee getting out …where can i buy here cd album or down load ….its a Must !!!! have to my collection please Thx Shane

  2. Wow what talent saw her supporting Texas last night in Portsmouth. Amazing can’t get her sound out if my head and the last song she sang Dreams was brilliant. Had to rush for taxi so didn’t buy the live disc on offer 🙁 going to phone Guildhall to see if I can get one. This young beautiful lady is going to go far.

  3. Intriguing – this post is getting a lot of hits months after the fact, and she’s obviously making an impact with the Texas audiences. Good stuff!

  4. Just got in from Texas gig in Glasgow
    Texas were beyond even wildest expectation
    ……… But the support act oh my god !
    Superb cover of Tainted Love

    Fantastic set
    Then joined sharleen on stage to help with “Conversation”

    Foyer was bedlam on way out so did not pick up cd, but it is a must

  5. Saw Girl Called Johnny at the Usher Hall, Edinburgh last night…. WOW!!! Maybe it’s because it was the last gig but everyone was well ‘up for it’ but what a fantastic gig. Karen is going to go far, she has an amazing voice and her songwriting is brilliant!!! Perfect support for Texas!

  6. I did get in touch with her to say that this post was getting quite a few hits and she got in touch to say she’d send me a live CD.

    Glad she’s getting the support from the public she deserves!

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