Album Review: By The Rivers


By The Rivers-‘By the Rivers’ (Kompyla Records)

If on paper, By The Rivers might not sound a great proposition (six young white guys playing reggae) a quick blast of their music blasts away your preconceptions AND prejudices. I think I was in a cynical, grumpy mood (just for a change) when this first popped into my inbox. Within a short space of time I was genuinely uplifted.

The band take their name not from a Boney M ‘classic’ (*cough*) but because the band were formed by two guys from Leicester named after rivers, Nile Barrow and Jordan Birtles. Expanded to a six-piece, right from the off with opener ‘Vulture’ this album makes you long for proper weather and a decent summer.

And hell, even if it doesn’t shine out there (and this is Scotland I’m writing in), By The Rivers are a joy, Goddamit. In a just world, this sparkling debut would be the sound of summer. This can be an unjust world, but I’m going to do my bit and play this loud…


By The Rivers is out now on Kompyla

An interview with By The Rivers will appear here shortly.

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