Still here – sod you, hackers!


A few days ago this blog was attacked by a hacker who managed to bring it down.

I’m now back and hopefully with fewer problems.

I’d posted this video the other day, in one of my ongoing ‘Does There Have To Be A Reason?’ things.

Northern Ireland’s Therapy? are still going strong, you should give ‘Screamager’ a listen and then go and buy (and listen to as well, obviously) their awesome Troublegum LP from 1994.

* Thanks to the person who left me feedback saying how great Troublegum is, the entire post disappeared, but I wanted you to know I agree with you!

2 thoughts on “Still here – sod you, hackers!

  1. That would have been me and by coincidence, stopping hackers is my day job – drop me an email if you want a debrief/advice on your battle with the internet.

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