Thirty years?? Strange, but true


Really quite surprised to realise that it is now thirty years since the Smiths released their first two singles ‘hand In Glove’ and ‘This Charming Man.’

They may only have had a recording career of four years but they were astoundingly prolific in that time. It probably doesn’t matter now, but I think ‘…Man’ is the stronger of the two singles for a debut. It did bring them into the charts, though, and though this wasn’t an official video (they didn’t do those for all their singles), the filmed clip for The Tube is pretty classic.

…and I’d still like to learn how to play that riff on the guitar.

2 thoughts on “Thirty years?? Strange, but true

  1. Brilliance undimmed by the passing of time…

    …having said that, I can’t watch this now without thinking of the recent Horrible Histories parody song about Charles Dickens. Yes, I know it’s supposed to be for kids but which kids are going to understand what’s going on in this? – really, go and watch it.

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