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Another signing to the excellent Song, By Toad record label, Naked are an Edinburgh-based three piece consisting of Aggie, Alexander and Grant. According to the small blurb in the email “They met on the small Island of Fårö on the south-eastern coast of Sweden. Their music is a mix of sculptured guitar dissonance, R&B beats and traditional Gotlander vocals. Naked is about sound, pure and defenceless.”

Their debut single ‘Lie Follows Lie’ is out on July 22 on 7″ vinyl. I think it sounds rather fantastic, and they sound quite different from a lot of the other Song, By toad labelmates (this is meant as a compliment to all concerned).

There are a couple of launch nights: Edinburgh’s Sneaky Pete’s (July 6 – yes! tonight! act, then!!) and July 18 at Old Blue Last, London.

2 thoughts on “Presenting…Naked

  1. Nice stuff. Sadly, I can’t make this (or the Dropkick gig in Haddington) due to a longstanding engagement.

  2. Looking forward to hearing more from them, soon.

    August usually awesome for gigs in Edinburgh…

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