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THe Last Battle 2013

It’s been nearly three years since I had the pleasure of being involved in putting the first Last Battle album Heart Of The Land, Soul Of The Sea out on 17 Seconds Records.

The band have been working on their sophomore album for a while now, with various line-up changes but a lot of gigging and some excellent fruits of their labours appearing here and there.

This is their new single ‘Wherever Our Feet Take Us’ which sows them continuing to evolve, unmistakeably the Last Battle and yet making leaps and bounds from their earliest recordings. Check it out, it also comes with a live version of ‘Nature’s Glorious Rage’ the song that drew me to them in the very first place.

Then go and buy it, obviously!!

The Last Battle are about to had out on the road, starting at Edinburgh’s Wee Red Bar this Thursday.

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