Album Review: Galleries


Galleries -‘No Miracles’ (self-released)

There’s no shortage of bands playing epic indie pop. Some get it it hideously wrong (hello, Kodaline). Others suggest that they have promise (hello, Swim Deep). And then there are bands like the fabulous Galleries from Glasgow who just nail it.

There’s a touch of both Sigur Ros’ Jonsi and Andrew Montgomery of Geneva about singer David McAdam’s vocals which soar and make you gasp. There’s a touch of the Sigur Ros shimmering guitar shredding, like on album opener ‘Wilderness Song’ but a willingness to go down an M83 route on ‘Young Wounds.’

Three and a half years ago, when their debut, free EP arrived, I wrote that ‘they are at that juncture where post-rock and shoegazing and indie rock meet.’ This album may have taken a number of years to come together, but they have built on the promise of that debut on their first album.

In a time of so-much indie landfill, Galleries truly have something to offer.

No Miracles is out now. Stream it below.

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