Presenting…hippies vs ghosts

Yup, I’m back.

I have come back to an inbox that looks evermore like a disaster zone. Note to PR companies: I am based in Scotland. Therefore, unless you are going to provide me with a plane ticket to New York or a train ticket to London, with appropriate accommodation (yup, it is only me writing this), PLEASE STOP EMAILING ME.

Hippies vs ghosts

One band who didn’t give me a whole lot of spiel are hippies vs ghosts (not sure on the grammar, but if my Mum’s reading this, Mum, LET IT GO).

This much I can tell you:

1. They are a ‘side band’

2. They are made up of members of castles, we are animal and masters in france

3. There’s some serious ‘krautrock’ influences going on here

4. They don’t have a website, just a soundcloud

5. They may possibly be Welsh, from near Caernarfon

6. They sound bloody great.

Don’t just take my word for it, though

1 thought on “Presenting…hippies vs ghosts

  1. Great sound! I feel like Tarantino commissioned this music, get it to his ears !

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