Philip Chevron remembered

Philip Chevron of The Pogues

Pogues guitarist Philip Chevron passed away today, after a battle with cancer. He was just 56.

Regarded as hugely influential on The Irish punk scene, he joined The Pogues around the time of their second album Rum, Sodomy and the Lash. While frontman Shane MacGowan remained much of the focus, Chevron was a songwriter for the band too, including ‘Lorelei’ on Peace and Love and ‘Thousands Are Sailing’ from If I Should Fall From Grace With God.

‘Thousands Are Sailing’ was not released as a single but remains one of their most-loved songs, dealing as many of their songs did with the Irish diaspora.

‘Lorelei’ sounds different from many of the Pogues other songs, and is no less affecting for that.

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  1. Didn’t see them back in the 1980s, alas, but have seen them at the )2 a couple of times and it was a great night out…

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