Does there have to be a reason?


I’d been a fan of Mr. Richard D. James for several years when I first heard ‘Windowlicker’ – but my first thought was one of utter disbelief. Not the single’s cover, but the sound was …something else.

And then after a few listens, I suddenly got it. And then I saw the video by Chris Cunningham.


Both are still utterly amazing, nearly fifteen years on. And if it seems unlikely that a song as weird as this got into the charts, perhaps the British public deserve credit for sending it all the way to no.16, back in 1999. And I’m staggered to realise it’s now fifteen years old.

Hopefully you’ve seen enough Hip-Hop videos to understand what this is parodying, and if you are offended by bad langauge (amazingly, some people still are in this day and age) perhaps you’d better not watch this.

The rest of you – press play.

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