Why we need libraries

Libraries. Amongst the most important places in any society. As the Manic Street Preachers once sang ‘Libraries gave us power – then work came and made us free.’
Closing libraries

There are those who just see them as a place for people to get Mills and Boon books. They are for that – but books on any subject under the sun. To get CDs and DVDs from. To educate, to inform, to comfort and stimulate. Damn it, I’m proud to work for library services, and I see a big link between music and literature for my own life (see here).

It’s Love Your Library Day This Saturday in the UK. My own employers have got lots on this coming week (see here for more details

Watch this video ‘We Need Libraries’ by One Man And His Beard. Go along and support your local library. Not just this Saturday, but every week. If you honestly think Libraries aren’t worth fighting for – you ain’t worth pitying.

‘Anyone who doesn’t love libraries is a complete and utter twit.’ Stuart MacBride, Scottish author.

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