The return of DZ Deathrays

DZ Deathrays

DZ Deathrays’ debut was a rather fine release called Bloodstreams. (read my review over at God Is In The TV). The Brisbane two-piece are shortly to return with a new album called Black Rat which will no doubt blow away any cobwebs.

This is the first track to do the rounds, it’s called ‘Gina Works At Hearts.’ (I am assuming this is nothing to do with Edinburgh’s Hearts of Midlothian football team, known as Hearts or the Jambos…Hearts-Jam Tarts-Jambos…No? Please yourself, then.) For best effect, turn this up as loud as you can (I would have done, it’s just we’ve just got the wee man down, but I cranked the headphones up really loud to compensate).

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