Album Review: Water Liars

Water Liars
Water Liars -‘Water Liars (Fat Possum)

Though I have to ‘fess up to them being a new name to me, this Mississippi trio’s album is actually their third. If pushed to explain what they sound like, it’s reminiscent of Neil Young when he’s working with Crazy Horse, so it’s rock meets country, without being country-rock per se.

There’s a punk ethic at work here, and the band also have the ability to produce songs that are genuinely moving – for my money, the outstanding track on the album is the folky ‘Swannanoa.’ There’s a southern flavour to the album, in a je ne sais quoi kind of way, too.

It’s very definitely an American album, and it might not be the most obvious album for a lot of a British audience to pick up upon. But cast your ears this way, and there’s a few treats in store, like ‘I Want Blood’ and ‘Ray Charles Dream.’


Water Liars is out now on Fat Possum.

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