Benbrick_Forever Holding On

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, due to the sheer amount of submissions in my inbox, it can be a matter of luck whether or not I’ll hear stuff that lands in my inbox.

And actually, a bit of mystique rather than hyperbole is far more likely to encourage me to write about stuff. The email stated simply ‘self produced ‘Forever Holding On’ is the first single taken from my debut EP Closer | Closure. It’s mixed by the guy behind Faithless, and mastered by the guy behind James Blake. For fans of The Postal Service, James Blake, and The Weeknd.’ No more information is given.

Actually I think James Blake is overrated (but then, I think the same about the XX, so what do I know?). It is rather gorgeous, watch the video, and why not help the cause by parting with a mere 79p to buy the track? Go on…

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