Presenting…Lenzie Moss

Lenzie Moss

Lenzie Moss is Finlay MacDonald, a former member of both Teenage Fanclub and BMX Bandits.

Reportedly he sees his music as more Gregory’s Girl than Trainspotting, which might be a very good way of describing his forthcoming single ‘Let’s Take The Day Off’ (****) which is -and this is definitely meant as a compliment – very much in the vein of both of the aforementioned bands.

Having released his debut album Introducing Lenzie Moss in 2012, his sophomore album will be released this September.

For now, turn this up – we’re starting to see signs of Spring here in Scotland, and as ever, it all needs a soundtrack. Why not Lenzie Moss?

‘Let’s Take The Day Off’ is released via bandcamp on March 31.

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